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Welcome to Secret Celllar

Who We Are

Boutique wine merchants in NSW & QLD. A small family owned and run consignment distributor for specialist product resellers in wine shops and on site fine dining and functions.
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Why Us

We offer wines that you will never see in big chains or online auctions. Exclusive family owned fine and aged wines from the best regions. Business coaching and wine list strategies.
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Events and tours

Experienced tour and events operator for over a decade. Pioneer of "Travel Food Wine" meetup events and experienced corporate food wine events consultants.
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Natural, delicious wines of the highest quality

Our wines originate from smaller, usually family owned farms from all over Australia, New Zealand and the world. They are commonly specialised growers with a long history of quality artisanship. We spend time to build friendships with these amazing dynasties and proudly distribute their end products only to select re-sellers and on-premise sites. You will never see these products in mass marketers or discounters shelves/online auctions. They deserve much better with their hard work.

vineyard tours

Immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere by walking among the vines, sipping your favourite rosé.

Mira Arocha

Creative Director

Wine Traditions

Our wines are inspired by family legacy and those we love


Our Events

Come to one of Mira’s legendary Food, Wine and social travel events locally or further afield. Meet other joyous souls and enjoy the best dining, wine tasting and happy chatter amongst your peers. We have many years of knowledge to share about the best places and faces.

Sep, 2024

The grand wine tasting & long lunch Sydney

Darling Harbour 1 September 2024 12:30

exclusive wholesale Wine merchants and sommeliers for independent re-sellers and on premise fine dining. Sydney, Melbourne, regional and select interstate sites.


Australia & New Zealand

Secret Cellar Wines

A345,  21-31 Commercial Road

Kingsgrove NSW 2208

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